Thursday, 30 December 2010

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

#gogyohka 17


and creatures of darkness 

 stir themselves 

tonight will see 

many poems written.

#haiku 19

Slowly drifting

across lunar landscape 

shadow of home.

#gogyohka 16

Fighting for peace 

a paradox 
unity or oppression 

depends on perspective 

or definition.

#gogyohka 15

An empty shell
lying forlorn on the sand 


my betrayal 

is complete

#senryu 2

Slowed by age 

the old woman 

slowed further by snow.

#gogyohka 14

To be or not to be

a question that hangs 

in the stillness of time 

groping for the answer 

that eludes my grasp.

#gogyohka 13

Hearts bound by a desire 

a family unity 


by a world 

of futile offerings.

#gogyohka 12

I stare at the photograph

 so long ago

 before the pain

 etched lines

in your beauty.

#gogyohka 11

To be lost

 cast adrift

on barren shores

 haunted by the memory

 of what was and what may be.

#gogyohka 10

Too many words

 remain unsaid

  whilst hearts

 bleed tears of neglect

 in silence.

#gogyohka 9

collected and sorted

only the best are kept

arranged in order

and savoured

a poem


Bad news received

feel its kick in your stomach


living with this feeling

every day.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

#gogyohka 8

rising from the dust

the child

baptized in the dirt

he will not spend his life there

#Gogyohka 7

Sirens wail

in frosty air

a night of peace

extends to some

not to all

#Sonnet 1

when winters teeth bite deep into this land
and frozen ground lies dormant neath its grip
I reach for you to grasp your loving hand
so in this world of danger I'll not slip.

You shield me from the storms of evil tide
and hold me close whilst tempests round me storm
when fear camps against me I will confide
in one who keeps me sheltered without harm

though men may boast of many noble things
their failure to succeed is all to clear
achievements , often curses with them bring
along with goodness , evil is brought near

yet you will never harm nor do me ill
as by my days I live to do your will

Sunday, 26 December 2010

One step short

On the edge of love

near but not quite

the touch of compassion

on the pavement

one step from the garden


Saturday, 25 December 2010

poetry and mood

Moods shifting

as desert sands

at the mercy

of external forces

shaping my words


Gogyohka #6

In solitude

the enfolding silence

frees my thoughts

to roam freely

as petals in the breeze

Haiku #18

Bird in the forest

singing beautiful refrains

yet seeking no praise

Gogyohka #5

Songs from the past

bring unbidden memories

shadows of fading light

like lead in my veins

drowning me in regret

Gogyohka #4

On the fringe of breath

flute notes

ride on the morning air


to the awakening sun

Haiku #17

Flowers in a vase

fragrance diminshed with age

shadows of beauty

Haiku #16

Prayers said to heaven

carried on an angels wings

to a hearing ear

Haiku #15

Life like a river

meanders on its journey

never to turn back

Haiku #14

Searching for answers

one man turns to the Buddha

his answer, duka

Haiku #13

The smallest candle

will bring illumination

to the darkest room

Gogyohka #3

Stepping stones

strewn with red maple leaves

a white bridge

crosses the stream

does it lead to you ?

Haiku #12

I search for the way

but a bound stone blocks my path

must drink tea elsewhere

Haiku #11

Ceremony with

precision and dignity
in the chashitsu

Gogyohka #2

Dreams are only dreams

filling our minds

with joy and fear

they dissipate

in early morning mist

Tanka #2

In time the pain will go

replaced by an emptiness  

that will not be filled 

a void of emotions  

like leafless trees in winter

Haiku #10

Cherry blossom flys  

away in the springtime breeze

its duty performed


Haiku #9

Orange setting sun

blackbird sings on chimney pot

peaceful end to day

Haiku #8

I dream in whispers
so as not to awaken

my reality

Gogyohka #1

The night air

hangs from branches

in icy fingers

as we leave

footprints in the snow.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Haiku #7

Summer-time arrives

sun and rain are married

a rainbow is born

Haiku #6

Powerful spring winds

scatter delicate blossom

like snowfall in May

Haiku #5

Orange , yellow , red

colours daubed across the sky

art of creation

Senryu #1

When poems will not come

I conjure up your image

Now my pen will write

Haiku #4

Misty clouds cling to

the side of a mountain as

an eagle soars free

Haiku #3

Gaelic whispers

echo from solitary stones

across deep waters

Haiku #2

Into the forest

the moonlight falls,drop by drop

painting leaves silver

Tanka #1

My heart becomes sorrowful

seeing an elderly couple

stroll hand in hand,knowing

one must leave the other

to walk alone


The past like ancient roots

binding us

to the present

and yet

shaping our future

Haiku #1

Wind chimes in the breeze

vibrating in harmony

to the poets ear


Mist shrouded island

as dawn breaks

fishing boats sail

on smooth glass

mouths to feed  


Thursday, 2 December 2010


We tread a narrow path

between opposite poles

weighing each thought

balancing each action

staying safe in the middle.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


a heap of rags

huddled in a doorway

shivering in the cold

of a white street

         is still someones son.          


Reflections on life

Life is a complex mix of relationships , emotions , goals , fears , hopes and dreams. We see justice and injustice , good and evil , joy and sadness. My aim in making this blog is to share what I notice and write it mostly in poetic style. I prefer gogyohka but enjoy haiku and senryu also. Life is what we make it but sometimes we need a helping hand. Lets help one another through our reflections on life.

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