Monday, 31 January 2011


A tiny trickle

when I needed a flood


the heart refuses to allow

emotions to pour forth a torrent

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Unholy War

In the name of
the Father
the Son
and the Holy Ghost

weapons and troops were blessed
and off they went
to shoot and kill
that God
smiled at their slaughter

"God is with us",they said,
on both sides,
and God weighed the odds.

The battle raged
and holy guns fired holy bullets
that made holy holes
in men.

the blood that ran
was not righteous blood
but that of sinners
no redemption in their sacrifice

the broken bodies and
broken minds returned
forgotten heroes
to many.

some thanked God
for their deliverance,
on both sides,

God himself was neutral

As knees touched stone
prayers ascended like rockets
a late comer banged the church door
some men dived for cover.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

#haiku 28

In the woods

birds singing praises

from a cathedral of trees

#gogyohka 32

a book of verse

the wine glass ring

on the cover


of contentment

#tanka 16

first buds of Spring

inching forth through frozen ground

victory of life

amidst my adversities

you hold out to me hope

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

#tanka 15

had we not met

and our hearts had not entwined

in what state of life

would we  find ourselves

desires fulfilled or destinies crushed

#tanka 14

your smile

I feel it in my heart


bringing to life

my inner man

#gogyohka 31

Outside the rain

beating against the window

washing away

the tear stains

at your door

#tanka 13

on the edge of life

she clings to the forlorn hope

that the sun will shine

and banish these rain clouds

evaporating her fears

#gogyohka 30

Stillness of the pond

disturbed by a pebble

small disturbances

causing ripples

in our lives.

#gogyohka 29

Patchwork of light and shadow

arched cloisters

where many feet

have trodden

a sacred path.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Loch Linnhe

The tide drifts lazily in
lapping over stones,pebbles
smoothed over countless ages
We stand and watch
in awe of the scene
a sublime serenity

mountains reflected
in perfect symmetry
clear waters
wavelets caress the ear

a birds wings swish the air
a fish breaks the surface
sending out ripples

I never had to leave


Amethyst, jasper, ruby
stones in your name
and your names in stone

you brought the rain
to this parched land
gave life
to this desert

yet in an instant
you were quickly gone
and this land withered

you flooded my soul
with soft words
flood waters of deceit
washed  away my soul

drowned me
with your
final words

#gogyohka 28

Gentle flowing water

lapping against the banks

soothing my tired soul

from somewhere

a leaf floats to the ground

Saturday, 22 January 2011

#gogyohka 27

the days continue

we move onwards

our necks

stiff and painful

from always looking back

#gogyohka 26

this evening

as the fire glows

radiating its warmth

I catch your eye

the embers smoulder

In the town

In the town
streets shiny with rain
I walk across the bridge

no accordian player today
no guitars , violins
there's nothing extra
for playing whilst wet

cobbled streets
waiting to turn someones ankle
as they are distracted by
the man
"The Big Issue"

I wonder if he knows
what the big issue
really is

smells waft out
and tempt  me
burgers , hot dogs , coffee
others assault me
cigarette smoke , cheap perfume and body odour

I walk on
evading spiky umbrellas
held as if in a military

short , tall , fat , thin

an urban culture
a melting pot

we stir our own
small space
and walk on

along shiny streets
in the town

Spiralling Downward

Beneath this cold earth
my home awaits
betrayed by lifes promises
denials in a world of fools

this life , mine
full of pain
no peace
insensibilities and distain

without escape
my screaming soul
feels the surge of blood
accentuating the misery

desperate for rest
instead , before me
a dark tunnel
no light at its end
a downward spiral
ending in despair

this death inside
everyday renewed
emotions drained
from a
bleeding heart

and then the light
and then the end
and then

The Last Tide

The docks,cold in the northern wind.
I look out to sea,a lone fishing boat
returns to the quay.
Surrounded by a flock of squabbling gulls
like excited children
waiting for a party.

They swoop and soar
dive and dart
like victorious warriors after spoil.
A feast for free.

So many copy their style
in a world of "I want" and "I deserve".
Taking the plunder,wolf-like,ravenous.

What is left,what remains is injustice
and despair.A desperation that binds itself
to the culture,inseparable untill
the fabric b r e a k s and
the last remnant of hope
leaves on  the final tide.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

#senryu 11

He throws a pebble

into the pond

his life disturbed by small things

#tanka 12

pink sky at evening

I hope the shepherds

bring the delight

they always promise

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

#haibun 2

From the river,the wooded slopes rise steeply to the foot of the old city walls. Patches of early snowdrops spring up at the foot of still dormant trees.High above them, from sandstone towers,the cathedral bells sound on the hour as they have done for centuries.Along the river a cormorant flies upstream.

cathedral bells

an ancient tone

snowdrops bow their heads

#gogyohka 25

early morning

driving in the dark

last nights memories


through the windscreen

#haiku 27

nest building


winter survivors

#haiku 26

walking in the park

the full moon

rests on a branch

Monday, 17 January 2011

#tanka 11

after the funeral

I walk by the sea

eroded coastline

reminds me

things take time

Sunday, 16 January 2011

#tanka 10

a man of comfort

yet his words ignite a fire

bringing fear and dread

angry fists shake at heaven

when he preaches them to hell

#gogyohka 24

She struggles with shopping

crying children cling to her

inside her head she screams

her life spiralling down

a purgatory she chose

#tanka 9

our paths have crossed

in a time before we knew

that we would walk

one way with one goal

nothing can be assumed

#tanka 8

sitting alone

he works out his plans

beside the glowing coals

a melody becomes

one step closer

Saturday, 15 January 2011

#senryu 10

"Life is precious"

cried the anti-abortionist

as she shot the doctor.

#senryu 9

In the vegetarian restaurant

he took his card out to pay

from a leather wallet

#senryu 8

Finally reunited-

the lost child

receives a spanking

#senryu 7

The used battery

kept in a drawer 

just in case.

Friday, 14 January 2011

#senryu 6

at journeys end

hoping to look back

with contentment

#haiku 25

marching along the fence

gaurdian of the garden

a magpie

#senryu 5

alone in the street

the lost child

in a forest of giants

#gogyohka 23

page after page

this notebook of poems

grows into Spring

from old words grow new poems

fresh and green

Remember me

As the tears fall
and the pain stabs
as the memories haunt
and emotions well up

remember me
in fields of flowers
where hearts ran free
in summers sun

remember me
by gentle waters
skimming stones
and having fun

the night will bring
its own dark phantoms
but sunrise
always follows light

remember me
as the sun is rising
remember me
bathe in my light

Thursday, 13 January 2011

#haiku 24

an empty forest

the moonlight

paints leaves silver

#haiku 23

Empty trees

paying tribute

to forgotten summer

#tanka 7

strugling inside

ebb and flow of emotions

leaving me empty

  swimming against the tide

     good intentions left stranded

#gogyohka 22

Sitting alone

the old man

stares at the sea

the tide carries his thoughts

    beyond the horizon.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

#haiku 22

Beneath the great oak

a gentle tumbling stream


#tanka 6

he fought in the war

dreamt of a better world

amidst the carnage

he sheds a tear for the dead

by the grafitied monument

#senryu 4


a sacred garment

held together by love

#senryu 3

Her memory gone

she repeats the same words

an aged catechism

#tanka 5

beyond the mountains

the sun continues to shine

where once they had walked

a bitter sweet memory

since the sun set on their love

#tanka 4

trawling slowly

the fishing boat ploughs its course

circling in its wake

seagulls scrutinize the deck

seeking an easier life

#gogyohka 21

An old photograph

in monochrome and grain

I look back through time


why you left.

#tanka 3

unlocking my heart

you enter into my life

define me

my life is shaped

in the hollow of your hands.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

#tanka 2

We parted friends

a misnomer I realized

 for  friends stay in touch

          our boats now drift

                          to opposite shores.

#aros Small Stone 6

A silver halo
              shines above you
                                as you pass the moon

#gogyohka 20

half moon

reminding me

without you

I am less

than whole

#aros Small Stone 5

                                                              The wind disturbes the river
                                                                                          wavelets undulate
                                                   the rising and falling of gulls
                                                                                   matching my heart beat

Sunday, 9 January 2011

#haibun 1

Searching the internet for examples of haiku and senryu I came across haibun. A new form to me ,  a new discovery in the seas of Japanese poetic forms. A simple idea. I thought I would try to write one.

Trawling the web

a new discovery


#gogyohka 19

Striving for perfection

I remind myself

that even monkeys


from trees.

#aros Small Stone 4

Long empty silences
                                     in a hospital
                                                  waiting room

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

#gogyohka 18

bees attracted to beauty

a rose of reddest hue

I picture you

and my heart

grows wings

Saturday, 1 January 2011